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 About the brand

Timeless elegancy, adventurous combinations of colors and materials, clear design and excellent quality.


LAONI is focusing on modern women and men appreciating uniqueness, who are interested in having such matching leather bags, shoes and accessories which are not only practical but add a slight sensation to their everyday look.

The collections are following the actual fashion trends but at the same time also unique and recognizable.LAONI offers a wide range of products for all occasions - may it be just an ordinary day, a business meeting or an evening out – you will find the right bag, case, wallet or even leather jewelry.

Ilona Ács, the designer of LAONI

Ilona graduated from the University of Art and Design in Budapest (MOME) – Faculty of Leather in 1980. In the first seven years of her career she was teaching as an assistant teacher, working as a designer for Sabaria Shoe Factory and she was preparing unique leather products in her own workshop. In 1989 she founded her design studio, AP Studio Ltd with Gábor Pápai, and since 1998 they have been creating their products under the brand LAONI which is an anagram from Ilona’s name.

She became interested in exciting and unusual cuts and shapings, therefore she created design approached bags and products. „Bags are articles for personal use, therefore other than being well designed –may it be a special or a more simple shape – it also has to be functional and practical. I like designing sporty but elegant pieces which can become not only accessories but favorite, useful companions. It was a great challenge to design such pieces which can dominate a moderate outfit due to their extravagant shape or flashy combination of colors and materials. I also design unique or limited pieces which are made in many different colors, therefore our customers will not see the exactly same piece coming across on the street.” 

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